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Northwest Veg
December 2009
Vol. 40
"Animals are my friends...and I don't eat my friends."
-George Bernard Shaw

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Vegan Gifts Just in Time for the Holidays

Herbivore Clothing specializes in cruelty-free gifts and apparel for discriminating plant eaters. Several new items have been launched just in time for the holidays. For all the cookie lovers out there, Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero is now available. The book is full of inventive and classic cookie recipes and includes many gluten-free options and the photos are stunning. Each copy at Herbivore is author signed.

And for the little ones, a darling "I love you and I'm vegan" tee says it all. The t-shirts come in sizes 2-12 and are made of a poly/cotton/rayon blend.


Celebration Roast

Nothing says vegan holiday celebration feast better than a Hand Stuffed Celebration Roast from Field Roast Grain Meat Company. The grain meat roast is combined with rubbed sage, garlic and lemon juice and stuffed with a savory, sausage-style stuffing made from Field Roast grain meat, butternut squash, mushrooms and Granny Smith apples seasoned with a blend of rosemary, thyme and sage.

The roast is perfect as a cruelty-free centerpiece for any gathering or served sliced in a sandwich for lunch on the go. Celebration Roasts taste delicious served warm or cold.

Celebration Roast is available in one and two pound roasts.

Field Roast Grain Meat Company, a small, family owned Seattle-based business, has been making delicious vegetarian meats for over a decade. All products are 100 percent vegan. Visit for more product information, recipes and to view their blog.

15 Reasons to Celebrate being a Portland Veg

Portland boasts an amazing variety of vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants. But did you know that right now, there are 15 pure vegan restaurants and food carts that you can choose from for your next meal? NW VEG would like to give a shout out to these local businesses for providing our community with such great food. From the spiritually named Asian noodle dishes at Sweet Lemon in Bethany, to Asaase Ital Palace, an African-Caribbean food cart located downtown, the variety of foods available is incredible. There are raw foods, baked treats, gourmet Italian, smoothies, tasty sandwiches and Chinese favorites served with mock meats, to name a few.

For a detailed list of the restaurants, including addresses and more, visit

Please, get out there and support these restaurants and let them know how much you appreciate all they do for our veg community.

Tour of a Dairy Farm
by Charley Korns, Contributing Writer

On a rainy November morning I drove the 75 miles to Rickreall Dairy, 10 miles east of Salem. I was on assignment--for a class I'm taking in animal protection. Rickreall has been operating for 20 years and houses approximately 1,550 Holstein cows. I chose this dairy because it was the closest factory farm to Portland, as far as I know, and one phone call was all it took to schedule a private tour. My tour guide first showed me the milking area that is constantly operating, with mechanical tubes sucking milk from the udders of cows who are milked three times a day. Next we went to the area where the youngest calves are kept in pens not much larger than their bodies. There were three calves born that very day, already confined alone in these pens. Every cow is tagged with a number and her date of birth. They are fed colostrum for the first two days, followed by a liquid diet made from powdered milk. After several weeks, the calves start to eat solid food, a grain mix.


December Membership Incentives and $100+ Gift Basket Drawing!

NORTHWEST VEG WANTS YOU... to join in with us and change the world, or at least do our part locally. It's our mission to get the word out about the benefits of plant-based living (environment, compassion, health), provide support for those trying to transition, and network with other veg groups and businesses to enhance all of our effectiveness and successes. From our larger ventures such as VegFest, to sponsoring and promoting other groups' events (including Let Live, Try Vegan PDX), down to connecting with individuals while we're doing tabling outreach at local farmers markets and Fix It Fairs, NW VEG grows veg awareness and opportunities in our community and beyond.

FROM MID-NOVEMBER THROUGH DECEMBER... all new members (or those giving gift memberships) will receive a packet of full price product coupons (such as from Amy's, Wildwood, Living Harvest/Tempt, WholeSoy and Toby's) plus assorted other coupons or restaurant gift certificates equal to the cost of a Single membership, or more. And if the membership is $35 or more, as always, you'll receive a complimentary subscription to VegNews Magazine. But there's more.... on Dec. 31, we're having a special drawing for all new members and gift-givers, with the winner to receive a package of books, vegan food and coupons worth over $100.

It's also our goal to do more for all members in the coming year. Renewals will receive a nice assortment of "thank you coupons", plus we're planning on doing more members-only events (from holiday recipe swaps to catered dinners and special gift drawings) and providing discounts to members at events with admission fees. We'll also work to increase the number of businesses who offer our members generous discounts!

TO JOIN, GIVE A GIFT MEMBERSHIP, renew or give an end-of-year donation... visit our membership page for options or to use PayPal Please note any special instructions, plus if it's for a gift, give us your contact information as well as the recipient's! You may also contact Membership Coordinator Jill Schatz at or 503-297-8435.

On Gratitude
by Trista Cornelius, Contributing Writer

An enormous, oblong Hubbard squash sits on a shelf in my dining room. I caress its pale green, lumpy shape whenever I pass by, admiring its smooth, cool skin and imagining vibrant, deep orange inside. I grew this squash in our little backyard this summer, and now it sits with other winter squash as a symbol of our vegetable bounty.

There is much to appreciate about veg life. Abundance, for example, the generous, exuberant effort of plants to produce an infinitely diverse cornucopia of fruits, roots, nuts, and seeds. I find this comforting, reassuring against the backdrop of bleak news or difficult days. The hefty girth of my Hubbard squash reminds me that there is enough.


Al Gore Addresses the Food Issue
by Peter Spendelow, NW VEG President

Some environmentalists have criticized Al Gore for barely mentioning food issues as a factor in global warming in An Inconvenient Truth. But he is definitely talking about food now.

On his recent trip to Portland, Al Gore spent an hour on the Oregon Public Broadcasting talk show "Think Out Loud". When asked by host Emily Harris about what new things have excited him since he wrote An Inconvenient Truth, Gore replied that "the role played by industrial agriculture and factory farming (was) something I knew about but did not fully appreciate the magnitude of." This might be because the key United Nations report Livestock's Long Shadow which demonstrated the strong connection between livestock and greenhouse gasses, was not published until after An Inconvenient Truth was released. Later on in the show Gore again talked about factory farming and said "Take livestock for example - one pound of (animal) protein grown that way requires 7 pounds of plant protein and 6,000 gallons of water - and that is really not sustainable and it is not healthy compared to other food options." Food, and particularly praise for fresh, local, organic vegetables, came up a number of other times during the program. Does that mean that Gore is going vegetarian? Not yet, but in an earlier interview on ABC Television Gore did state that he has cut back sharply on the meat he does eat. Click here to listen to the entire Gore interview/discussion on "Think Out Loud".

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